Prune Antoine

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Portrait Prune Antoine

Prune Antoine is an award-winning independant reporter and fiction writer, based in Berlin after having lived in England, Spain, Hungary, Brussels or Paris.

Her print or multimedia stories, published in Médiapart, Géo, Elle or Vice focus on women issue, post-conflict societies, ex-USSR or European politics. She was two times laureate of the Prix Louise Weiss du journalisme européen, two times grantee of the Journalism Fund, awarded the Prix Philippe Chaffanjon and nominated for the European Press Prize.

Germany correspondent for L’Obs, France’s leading newsmagazine, she also writes for Arte/Karambolage. She likes working with a new generation of European authors and photographers, while managing editorial cross-border projects like Sisters of Europe.

Her non fiction book La Fille & le Moudjahidine (éditions Carnets Nord) was published in 2015, her first novel L’heure d’été (édition Anne Carrière) just came out in 2019.


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